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Can tomorrow really be May 1st?  Wow – where did April go?

It looks like I’ll just have to share a couple of ideas for May Day baskets, as I’ve run out of time.

This beautiful May Basket of pink and cream flowers was created by Design Sponge.  The container is a mason jar.  Click here to get the step by step instructions.

She adds a couple of jingle bells to the ribbon, so when you open the door you hear a little jingle.

Very clever!

This basket of yellow roses with touches of purple is one of my favorites!  Add a hand-written May Day greeting, and you have a beautiful May Day display.   – Teska.com

If you have young kids, it’s fun to make paper cones with ribbon (or pipe cleaner) handles.  Your children can fill the cones with candy, flowers or paper flowers.  Here’s a cute paper cone from SkiptomyLou.org.

Here’s part of my May Day collection from last year.

Happy May Day!


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Wishing you a blessed Easter!

Natalie and I made Easter sugar cookies today.  We made enough for each place setting for Easter dinner, plus a few more for some friends.  We wrapped them in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon.  A creative day!

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Blogging is definitely taking a back seat to work these days.

But, I was able to make a few Easter cards last night and send them off in the mail today.  My favorite was the Easter Chick card I made for Natalie.  I plan to make a more “masculine” version tonight for Nick.

The cards were really quite simple (even the “egg” chick).  It’s all a matter of layering materials … decorative papers, ribbons, paper punch outs, stickers, and rhinestones.

Materials Needed:

  • Card stock greeting cards (sold at all craft stores, in a variety of colors and sizes)
  • Decorative scrapbook papers
  • Coordinating ribbons
  • Rubber stamps, ink, punches
  • Stickers, rhinestones, buttons and other embellishments
  • Scissors, paper cutter, glue

Here’s a few pictures of the materials….

As I have mentioned before, I buy scrapbook paper when it’s on sale at the local craft stores.  I was able to find the butterfly and cupcake stickers on sale for 47 cents at our local Michael’s (3 weeks ago)!

I have quite a few paper punches, but for greeting cards, I tend to use my circle and scalloped circle punches most often.  They make great backgrounds for stickers and other embellishments.

Happy Easter!

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At our house, we have a family tradition where the one celebrating their birthday gets to choose the entire menu for their birthday dinner.

This tradition started with my mom.  As kids, we always got to choose what we wanted for our birthday dinner.  My mom is a great cook!  I can’t believe that I asked for Swanson’s chicken pot pies one year.  So sorry mom!

We celebrated Natalie’s birthday in March and she chose an Italian birthday dinner.  For the main course, she selected clams & linguine.  She had the dish several times in Europe last summer.  And, we recently had clams for dinner at friends (both of whom are accomplished cooks).   They had served a very flavorful main course of clams & linguine – which Natalie loved.

Here’s Natalie’s Italian Dinner Menu:

  • Bruschetta Pomodoro (a crostini topped with chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil)  — See recipe
  • Peppered Salami, Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper, Pita Bite Crackers, and Raisin & Rosemary Crackers (all from Trader Joe’s)
  • Steamed Clams & Linguine (clams cooked in a wine, butter & olive oil broth with seasonings and cherry tomatoes)  — See recipe
  • Strawberry Field Greens Salad (one of her favorites, but not quite Italian)  I would suggest Caprese Salad (tomatoes, buffalo mozarella, basil and olive oil).  — See recipe
  • Garlic Bread
  • Tiramisu (a classic Italian dessert with lady finger cookies, espresso, mascarpone and eggs)  — See recipe

It was definitely a high carb dinner, but …


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Don’t you just LOVE spring flowers?  Trader Joe’s had a beautiful selection of flowers yesterday, so I bought some in shades of lavender.  They were the inspiration for this simple tablesetting for Easter.

You’ll see that I used my white damask bedspread for my tablecloth.  I love using this in the spring and summer!   I added my Waterford pale greenish-blue dishes (a great find at Marshall’s, years ago) and my Lenox etched glassware.

Here is the inspiration for my tablescape … the beautiful purple tulips and lavender stock.  I have some spring and Easter decorations in shades of purple and lavender that I have been using for years.   I knew they would look great with the flowers.  (Real life much better colors than the pictures).

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I finally got around to taking a few pictures of Easter and Spring touches in our home.  I hope you are enjoying Springtime!

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