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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

May you have a day filled with unexpected, fun surprises (and a lot of great treats)!


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Several months ago I picked up some old glass bottles at the antique flea market.  I thought they would be fun to use in my Halloween decor, but wasn’t sure exactly how.  Then I found these cute layered Halloween labels at Michael’s.  My toxic potions & poisons were born!

This is such an easy project!  Here’s all you need:

  • Bottles – various shapes, sizes and colors based on your preference
  • Labels – you can buy them at a craft store, make your own, or purchase labels online (Etsy)
  • Ribbon
  • Scotch Tape — I may want to reuse the bottles, so I just used scotch tape

I used my decorative bottles on my dining room table.  I thought it was a nice, simple addition!


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Breathtaking … isn’t it?  These are just a few snapshots of the grounds at Roger’s Gardens.  Does it inspire you to replant for the fall?

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I often get asked what camera I use to take the photos for my blog.  I use a Canon Powershot S90 digital camera and I LOVE IT!   In most situations, I am a point-n-shoot type of camera gal and I have been extremely happy with the S90.  (I believe the current replacement is the S95.

Before taking our kids to Europe two summers ago, my husband and I decided to buy a new camera.  We read many online reviews, visited our local camera shop and talked with several of our camera guru friends.  Based on our needs, the S90 was the best camera for us.  It’s compact, takes great pictures – outdoors and indoors, even in low light.  We have less red-eye issues with the S90 than any camera we’ve previously owned.

The only complaint that I have with the S90 is the placement of the pop up flash.  It’s where you your finger naturally rests as you’re holding the camera for photos.  You get used to changing your finger placement after a few times.

My photo gear collection is on Gangaroo.com — a website where you discover and share products with your friends.  To see my collection of Photography Gear, you can click here.

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I love the combination of fall colored flowers with blue.  Whether it’s blue flowers, like hydrangeas or blue and white ceramics – it’s one of my favorite combos!

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Each year, I look forward to visiting Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach to see their Halloween and Christmas displays.   I went to Roger’s about a month ago and then again last weekend (with my parents).  This year’s Halloween exhibit is called Blackstone Theater.  All the rooms are painted black and most rooms have chandeliers and velvet draping … as you might see in a theater.

When you enter from the orchid rooms (those of you that have been to Roger’s will know what I’m talking about), you see a large mirror with crystal chandeliers and cob webs.  They sell the beaded cob webs … I had to get one of those!

My mom was disgusted by this rat-infested sofa.  She wouldn’t get near it.  I thought it was great!  But I’m not willing to tear up any of my upolstered furniture to create the look at home.

This year they had a lot of black and white decorations.  They had a room filled with skeletons,  one with white pumpkins, another with skeleton heads and plenty of black and white Halloween dishes.

There was a very large book case that has all types of pumpkin faces displayed.  These two were some of my favorites.  Aren’t the faces incredible?

If you get a chance, it’s certainly worth a visit to Roger’s.  The Christmas displays opened to the public last Friday.  I’ll be going in a couple of weeks with girlfriends.

Happy Haunting …

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