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You’ve probably seen the ads in all the fall magazines and heard the buzz … Target has partnered with Missoni.  They debut the line on September 13th at all Target Stores.

You’ve got to love Tar – jay!!!  Apparently, it’s the largest collaboration Target has done with a designer … some 400 products in all!  And clearly a 60s vibe.

Will you be waiting in line for the stores to open on the 13th?  I will definitely make a store visit on the 13th.

In previewing the Look Books, here’s what I’m most interested in seeing…

These pumps look pretty darn cute!  We’ll see how they are constructed in person.

This black outfit is pretty nice – especially the black cardigan.

I love the scarves … great for tying on to a handbag or tote.  And what cute makeup bags.  They even have makeup brushes to match!

I’m probably most excited about the cute laptop sleeve!  And, can’t you just imagine drinking espresso in the cute cups?

See you at Target …


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Loving Leopard …

Animal prints have come in and out of vogue through the years.  Of all the animal print options out there, traditional leopard has always been my favorite.  What about you?

While I love the subtle addition of a leopard belt, scarf or pumps to an outfit, I have seen some amazing leopard print coats, dresses and sweaters through the years.

With the magazines and catalogs focused on fall, it’s been fun seeing what’s available in leopard.  Here are some of my favorites … most from JCrew (another favorite of mine):

The Leopard Print Shirt  (JCrew) 

Wouldn’t the shirt be great with bright orange or red?

The Edie Purse or Marlow Handbag in Italian Calf Hair (both JCrew)

I’d take either of these in a blink.  Just a bit too pricey to have as a handbag for that occasional leopard accent.

I do also love the Invitation Clutch (also JCrew) that will be available in September.  So cute!

What do you think of this leopard skin for the Macbook Air?  I just got the new Air (a work tool – and birthday gift from my hubby).  I think I’m going to go for the leopard skin!

As seen from this collage on Pinterest, leopard prints also make their way into home decor.

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Why is it that when you don’t really NEED anything and you really SHOULDN’T be shopping (both kids just got braces and our Am Ex bill just arrived in the mail — with our vacation expenses) — that you find AMAZING things that you really want???

I’ve been looking for an orange handbag since April.  And I’ve also been wanting a pair of leopard print pumps.  Do I need either?  No.  Would I like them?  YES!!!

So what do I find when I dash into TJMaxx this afternoon?

The orange handbag of MY DREAMS!!!  I found a Furla Ostrich embossed leather Greta Tote.  It originally retailed for $540.  You can currently find it on Bluefly in different colors for $358.  And I got it for a DEAL at $179!!!   Oh, how I hope my husband isn’t reading this post!  🙂

As I walked around the store, do you know how many compliments I got on the handbag?  TONS!

I’ve always loved the Hermes Birkin bags.  This is probably as close as I’ll come to ever having something similar.

And, I do love Furla handbags.  I have a few vintage Furla bags from my European traveling days as a single gal.  They are well constructed and have many classic, traditional styles.

Then I browsed through the Shoe department.  I can honestly say I rarely find shoes I like at TJMaxx.  But what did I find?  A cute pair of MaxStudio leopard calf print pumps.  Only $49 and they are actually pretty comfortable.

And, I found an adorable pair of Paolo pointed-toe plum suede pumps for $39!  I love pointed toe heels!  I have several Paolo brand shoes (from Nordstrom’s) that I really like and are quite comfortable.  In fact, I was wearing a pair of Paolo sandals today.  Can’t wait to wear these plum heels!

I haven’t purchased shoes (with the exception of tennis shoes or flats) in a year and a half.  I had knee surgery and have been relegated to flats.  So … I’m quite excited to have a couple of pair of fun heels to wear this fall!

I did purchase one thing that I really did need …

I found this laptop sleeve for $14.99.  While it’s not the cutest … it is certainly one of the least expensive I have seen.  And it looks very well made.

How pathetic is this???  Last weekend I used a manilla folder to protect my Macbook  Air — so I could slip it into my handbag and take it with me to the BlogHer Conference in San Diego — instead of taking my briefcase or a backpack.  The things we women do for vanity sake!

I was quite embarrassed each time I took my laptop out of my handbag.  (I attended BlogHer for my Gangaroo business … what a GREAT conference for women bloggers!)  Next year the conference is in NYC!

Anyway … I got some great deals today at TJMaxx!  Good luck to you on your next shopping adventure!

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I’m having a love affair with stripes.  Actually, I have always loved stripes … especially black and white or navy and white stripes.  There is something so timeless and classic with the look.

I love just about everything Anne Hathaway wears.  So cute in stripes!

Isn’t this black and white photo just stunning?

Whether it’s stripes in clothing fashion (such a cute preppy family!)

Or blue and white striped espadrilles (Bloomies)…  Stripes add such a great classic look for spring and summer.

And of course, I love stripes in home decor (Country Living) …

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