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Happy Haunting …

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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Halloween is such a fun holiday.  I love creating Halloween vignettes around the house with decorations I’ve collected over the years.

Here’s a peak at some of our Halloween haunts …

In our entry, we have an old pine bench.  I change out the pillows each season.  I found these sequined black & silver pillows at HomeGoods.  Love them!

Across from the bench, I have an entry table with a large mirror.  I like to hang seasonal wreaths from the top of the mirror.  A black fuzzy bat hangs out during October.

We have an old black bar in our living room.  It makes a great place to display apothecary jars filled with seasonal items.

Last year I bought several silver beaded spider webs (from Roger’s Gardens).  They are great to drape over mirrors, pictures or chandeliers ….

I found strands of orange & black bulbs at Target — they make great fillers for large apothecary jars.  And I couldn’t pass up the “Keep Calm” sign, another HomeGoods find.

I still have some apothecary jars filled with sea shells left over from the summer.  I added a few spiders to make them fit the Halloween theme.

Spiders add a creepy surprise!

I added a few Halloween touches to some bookshelves …

And every Halloween, I change out my hall cabinets — displaying my Halloween plates.

Happy Haunting!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

May you have a day filled with unexpected, fun surprises (and a lot of great treats)!

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Several months ago I picked up some old glass bottles at the antique flea market.  I thought they would be fun to use in my Halloween decor, but wasn’t sure exactly how.  Then I found these cute layered Halloween labels at Michael’s.  My toxic potions & poisons were born!

This is such an easy project!  Here’s all you need:

  • Bottles – various shapes, sizes and colors based on your preference
  • Labels – you can buy them at a craft store, make your own, or purchase labels online (Etsy)
  • Ribbon
  • Scotch Tape — I may want to reuse the bottles, so I just used scotch tape

I used my decorative bottles on my dining room table.  I thought it was a nice, simple addition!


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Each year, I look forward to visiting Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach to see their Halloween and Christmas displays.   I went to Roger’s about a month ago and then again last weekend (with my parents).  This year’s Halloween exhibit is called Blackstone Theater.  All the rooms are painted black and most rooms have chandeliers and velvet draping … as you might see in a theater.

When you enter from the orchid rooms (those of you that have been to Roger’s will know what I’m talking about), you see a large mirror with crystal chandeliers and cob webs.  They sell the beaded cob webs … I had to get one of those!

My mom was disgusted by this rat-infested sofa.  She wouldn’t get near it.  I thought it was great!  But I’m not willing to tear up any of my upolstered furniture to create the look at home.

This year they had a lot of black and white decorations.  They had a room filled with skeletons,  one with white pumpkins, another with skeleton heads and plenty of black and white Halloween dishes.

There was a very large book case that has all types of pumpkin faces displayed.  These two were some of my favorites.  Aren’t the faces incredible?

If you get a chance, it’s certainly worth a visit to Roger’s.  The Christmas displays opened to the public last Friday.  I’ll be going in a couple of weeks with girlfriends.

Happy Haunting …

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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

Have a fun and safe


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It’s fun to make your own Halloween goodie bags for a party or for the kids in your neighborhood.  These are fun and easy to make!

Materials & Tools:

  • Cellophane Bags
  • Candy
  • Scrapbook papers
  • Stickers and/or Halloween stamps and ink
  • Scissors, glue and a stapler


  1. Fill cellophane bag 2/3 full of candy.  Fold the bag opening over at least three times, ensuring excess air is out of the bag.  Staple the folded edge so bag is completely sealed.
  2. Cut the background decorative paper to make a card. (In the example to the right, the orange and white striped paper is the background).  The width should be the width of the sealed bag plus 1/2 inch.  The length should be the desired front height then doubled.
  3. Fold the background paper in half (to make a card).
  4. Decorate the front of “card” with stamped greetings and stickers.
  5. Staple the decorate card on the top of the cellophane bag, hiding the sealed edge of bag on both side.



Bag Tags

You can also make cute “bag tags” using the same materials.  Instead of stapling the decorative card to the top of the bag, tie the bag with ribbon and add a bag tag.

These tags are also great to tie on to a bottle of wine as a host/hostess gift for Halloween parties!

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