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This past weekend I pulled out my Valentine’s decorations.  I am always so tempted to move right from Christmas to Valentine’s decor, as our home always looks so bare after being spruced up for Christmas.  But I do usually wait until mid-to-late January.

When I’m packing up my Christmas ornaments, I set aside my red mercury ornaments and my silver hearts — to use for Valentine’s Day.

I fill several apothecary jars with the red mercury ornaments and red heart ornaments.

And I display my silver heart ornaments in a glass bowl — along with some vintage glass garland.

Years ago, I started collecting antique postcards by holiday.  I have some postcards that were sent in the 1900s.  I like to display some of the Valentine postcards on my entry table.

You can never go wrong with fresh red tulips at Valentine’s.  I tuck small vases of tulips in bookshelves and on tables with other Valentine’s decorations.

Tucked in our bookshelves are a few Valentine plates along with a few painted wood crafts from many years ago.

Have fun adding touches of Valentine’s in your home!


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There are so many uses for decorating with Christmas ornaments — besides putting them on the tree.  In fact, beautiful or unusual ornaments are often better displayed and showcased in other areas of your home than on the tree.

Ornaments can be displayed in glass bowls, apothecary jars, silver trays, and vases …. just to name a few.

You can display like-type or themed ornaments (e.g., mercury glass, vintage, snowmen, etc. ) or ornaments with the same color scheme for maximum impact.

And, you can hang Christmas ornaments from all sorts of places ….



Happy Decorating!

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My girlfriend recently bought several apothecary jars and she asked me about what types of things she could use to fill them.  Hmmm … good idea for a blog post.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really LOVE apothecary jars. They are great vessels for displaying treasures throughout your home.  I change out the fillers for the major holidays and then have some fun collections I use on a regular basis … Florentine soaps in the bathroom, Freeze dried artichokes in the family room, Sea Shells in the dining room, artificial pomegranates or blue Chinese porcelain balls in the living room.

Here are some additional filler ideas:

Christmas & Winter Holidays

During the Christmas holidays, there are many choices for holiday fillers:

  • Christmas Ornaments (Colored balls, Mercury glass, Christmas lights)
  • Pinecones (with glitter spray)
  • Christmas candy (think candy canes and old fashioned ribbon candy)
  • Snowflakes
  • Red and Green apples (artificial, so they don’t spoil)

Fall Holidays

From Halloween through Thanksgiving, there are many great choices:

  • Halloween Candy (Candy Corn looks great!)
  • Fall Leaves
  • Nature Balls (covered with moss, acorns, twine, bark, etc.)
  • Acorns, Whole Nuts with shells (walnuts, almonds, etc.)
  • Artificial or freeze-dried fruits and vegetables (artichokes, pomegranates)

Other Holidays

Think about things you associate with the holiday as fillers for your jars:

  • Valentines — cards, postcards, heart ornaments, candy (conversation hearts)
  • Easter — Eggs, candy, nests
  • Fourth of July — firecrackers, patriotic ribbons, M&Ms or Jelly Beans (in red, white and blue)

Non-Holiday Fillers

  • Seashells, Beach sand & seashells, Seaglass
  • Rocks, pebbles or marbles
  • Greeting Cards, Vintage postcards, Old photos
  • Artificial or freeze-dried fruit (lemons, apples, pomegranates)
  • Vintage jewelry, crystal doorknobs, old fashioned buttons
  • Children’s toys (Legos, superballs, trading cards)
  • Candy
  • Soap, sea sponges, bath salts (in a bathroom)
  • Pasta, rice and beans (in a kitchen)

Have fun finding treasures to display in your apothecary jars!

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